Identify instances in the story that show the business acumen of Ramanand.

Ramanand was a shrewd man who had a great business acumen. He was nothing if he was not amenable, having built up his business on the maxim that the customer is always right. When Azam came to him, Ramanand did agree to low his moustache gave Azam money against his wife's trinkets. However,  Azam noticed after trading that the other end of Ramanand's moustache was still up. It was wise of Ramanand to turn down his moustache to keep his customer happy, however, he saved his pride as well by letting the other moustache up which made Azam, who lived in his false ego, to trade more gold to make him turn down Ramanand's moustache. The whole game did save the honour of Azam to which he lived, but it actually made him a pauper to have traded his everything to satisfy his pride, while Ramanand gained taking advantage of Azam's foolishness.

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