identify the sources of noise pollution in your locality. Discuss with your parents, friends and neighbours. Suggest how to control noise pollution. Prepare a brief report and present it in the class.

When one thinks of Unwanted Sounds or Noise Pollution, it always brings to mind images of transportation vehicles, industrial machinery, construction sites, loud speaker, big events, etc. These are very common or usual reasons of noise pollution in our internal and external surroundings. This article will give you further information about the causes of disgusting noise in our environment.

1. Public/Private Transportation Vehicle these are one of the daily causes of noise pollution in our streets, public hi-way, etc. Why? Because in every kind of vehicle it creates disturbing sounds by starting the engines, blowing of horns, playing music from car amplifier, etc. As a result the city has now become exposed from these types of unavoidable and uncontrollable noise.

2. Industrial Machinery there are so many various examples of industrial machinery that creates severe disturbing and hazardous sounds to the industrial workers. The multiple kinds of industrial machinery are huge generators, large compressors, cranes, furnaces, exhaust fans and many more. It is through these objects that adds distractions and complications in our ambience.

3. Construction Sites we all know that every construction area uses huge equipments as part of their job like pay loader, crane, cement mixer, bulldozer, etc. These construction items are expected to perform vibrations and loud noise that can affect illnesses to all construction workers.

4. Loud Speaker using loud speaker in public or private areas like residential, commercial establishment, public market, concert arena, etc., can definitely and instantly contributes disturbing sounds in our community or environment. The sounds from the loud speakers can immediately spread in our atmosphere and undoubtedly becomes one of the causes of noise pollution.

5. Big Events we all love celebrating big events such as birthdays, anniversaries, house parties, festivals. But, do you realize how much noise you and your special visitors can create unpleasant and very disturbing sounds in your external surroundings or neighborhood? While you and your friends are enjoying your special occasion, your angry neighborhoods are having difficulties in their sleeping hours.

These are the common causes and very prominent distractions in our precious space or environment. But there are still many ways to avoid and to decrease the sounds of these unlikable and harmful sounds in your local area. With a strong understanding about the main cause of noise pollution in your area, you will surely find the perfect solution of this kind of dilemma.

Noise pollution prevention and control tips Below are a few things people and governments can do to make our communities and living laces quieter:Construction of soundproof rooms for noisy machines in industrial and manufacturing installations must be encouraged. This is also important for residential building—noisy machines should be installed far from sleeping and living rooms, like in a basement or garage.Use of horns with jarring sounds, motorbikes with damaged exhaust pipes, noisy trucks to be banned.Noise producing industries, airports, bus and transport terminals and railway stations to sighted far from where living places.Community law enforcers should check the misuse of loudspeakers, worshipers, outdoor parties and discos, as well as public announcements systems.Community laws must silence zones near schools / colleges, hospitals etc.Vegetation (trees) along roads and in residential areas is a good way to reduce noise pollution as they absorb sound.

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It can be a stero system, televisions,DJ playing in a loud sound they must play them at low noise

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