Identify the type of vishehan present in the given sentence-

Ram ne apni beti ke liye bohut gehne(jewellery) khride.

Is it sankhyawachak or parimanwachak visheshan?


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pariman vachak visheshan kyonki jo visheshan sanghya (noun) ya sarvanam (pronoun) ki matra( quantity) batate hai unhe pariman vachak visheshan kahte hai.

Jo visheshan sanghya ya sarvanam ki sankhya (number) batate hai ve sankhya vachak visheshan hote hai. Jaise: paanch kele( bananas) , do ped( trees)

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pariman vachak

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Well still confused...

Can we count 'gehne'(jewellery) or not?

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When you are specifying a particular jewellary then we can count it , if not then can't.

Like: mene paanch kangan kharide. or mene ek haar kharida .

By the way in your question there is no counting number instead of it there is word 'bahut'

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