if a dna molecule has 2000bp then calculate the
a..no. of sugar and phosphate molecules.
b..no. of N-glycosidic linkage.

Hi Sachin,
Please find below the solution to the asked query

a. Given total number of base pairs in DNA molecule is 2000bp. Since in double stranded DNA molecule number of bases are equal on both strands, so each strand will have 1000bp. Now a single base is associated with each sugar molecule to form nucleoside and with each nucloside obe phosphate group is linked ro form nucleotide. Therefore, the number of sugar and phosphate groups on each strand will be 1000 and hence in both strands their number will be 2000 sugar and phosphate groups.

b. A sugar molecule is linked with nitrogenous base by N-glycosidic linkage. Since the number of  sugar molecules and nitrogen bases is equal to 2000. Thus, the number of glycosidic bonds between them will also be 2000.

Hope this information will clear your doubts about the number of sugar, phosphate groups nd number of N-glycosidic bonds.
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