If Geoff didnot believed Sophie meeting with Danny casey why does he told to his father about it ?

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Geoff did not believe Sophie had met with Danny Casey. He told his father about it, knowing he too would support his disbelief and call it one of her wild stories!


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Sophie was a girl having unrealistic dreams. Like every young girl also had in her fantasies a strong feeling of knowing the unknown. Geoff does not believe Sophie?s story about her meeting with Danny Casey, the Irish football star. Although he had a strong bond with his sister, as she shared all her secrets with him, he dismissed the whole story as a most unlikely thing. He does not hesitate to tell her that Casey would never keep his promise of meeting her again to give her his autograph.
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I think Geoff believed the meeting of Danny Casey with Sophie as he told it to Franz, Jansie's brother, about it as well.

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