If lines AB,AC,AD,AE are drawn parallel to line PQ,Then show that A,B,C,D are collinear points.

Answer :

We know " If two lines are parallel to the same line,  they will be parallel to each other . " or they are parts of the same straight line .

So As given AB | | PQ , AC | | PQ  , AD  | | PQ  and  AE | | PQ   

AB | | AC  | | AD  | | AE

​But we can see that all four lines are have one common point A , And we can't draw 4 different lines as they parallel to each other , 
But If  A , B , C , D and E are on same line than they can satisfied our given condition and as well as properties of parallel line , 


A, B , C , D and E are colinear points                            ( Hence proved )

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see first draw a line Xy or anything of ur choice then mark A,B,C,Eand D on tthe same line.......then draw a parallel line PQ.......then write a statement that points A,B,C,D and E lie on the same line and hence are called as collinear points......

hope this helps u...!!!!

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