If matchstick provide heat, then what is the fuel here? If there is no fuel here then how does it burn?

If you see the tip of a matchstick you will see that it has a red colour substance, it is actually the mixture of red phosporus, antinomy trisulphide and potassium chloride. Thus when it is struck to the side of the matchbox, the red phosphorus truns into white phosphorus and starts burning burning due to the

heat produced because of friction

. So you can say that a matchstick is a fuel and also realses heat.   

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The Matchstick Is Not Alone.It Is Coated With Some Chemicals They Act As A Fuel.

They Are Antinomy Trisulphide And Potassium Chlorate.

Some Times White Phosphorus Is Also Used

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the top of the matchstick is coated with red phosphsrus.so by this phosphoras matchstick burn.

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