​if Sn = 1+ 1/2 + 1/3 +.....+1/n and n>2 then Sn would be (A) more than n(n+1)1/n -n (B)greater than or equal to n(n+1)1/n/(n+5)  (C)less than n(n+1)1/n - n (D) equal to n(n+1)1/n - n

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Please write your options more clearly so we can compare the optionsmore efficiently.Note thatFor n=2S=1+12+13=6+3+26=116=Rational number which rules outoption d which equals 3413-3 an irrational number for n=3Now3413-3=3 413-1Now 413 is approximately equal to 1.6 which you can see by finding cube root3×1.6-1=1.8 and116>1.8Hence S>nn+11n-n

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