If the pitcher plant is green and can perform photosynthesis , why does it feed on insects???????????



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Pitcher plant contains chlorophyll; hence it is capable of preparing its own food. Pitcher plant grows in swamps or bog areas where the soil is deficient in nitrogen mineral. So, just to fulfill its nitrogen requirement it traps the insects and utilize their proteins. For this reason it is called insectivorous plant.
Pitcher plant can live without insects also but it would be healthier if traps and digests insects. In true sense, Insectivorous plants are partially autotrophic and partially heterotrophic. Among plants, true heterotrophic mode of nutrition can be observed in cuscuta. Cuscuta does not contain chlorophyll and thus depends on its host plant for nutritional requirements.
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The soil here the Pitcher Plants live does not contain Nitrogen. Insects contain lot of nitrogen. Thus, for the sake of nitrogen they catch insects.


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thks for th info.!!!!!!

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 if the pitcher plant is green and it can carry photosynthesis then also it feeds on insects so as to get the required amount of nitrogen...

Pithcer plant grows in water logged areas as a result all the nutrients in the soil are washed away....so the plant feeds on insects so that it can get the sufficient amount of nitrogen........ and carry ouyt photosynthesis........

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 i think this is wrong because insects contain nitrogenous substance not nitrogen

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 but there is so much place on earth cant it grow in any other place where there is lot of nitrogen 

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its the structure of the plant responsible.the roots cant absorb nitrogen coz of its modification and thus are dependant on insects

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 They do catch insects for the sake of more energy..

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 no, they r adapted ..........

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