if you are provided with some vegetables to cook. you generally add salt to the vegetables during cooking. after adding salt the vegetables releases water. what mechanism is responsible for this?

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 the vegetables have cell which has a lower concentration. the solution in which it is kept is hypertonic that means it is really saturated . so it makes the water from the cell to totally come out .

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The vegetables cells have higher concentration of water when compared to the solution it is kept in, which is hypertonic i.e. lower in water concentration, as salt is added to it.

So, as we know water molecules move from higher to lower concentration. The water from the cells of the vegetables moves out through semi-permeable plasma membrane i.e. osmosis.

More detailed, EXOSMOSIS.

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hypertonic solution

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I dont know plese tell me
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due to exosmosis
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Ex - osmosis
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This is due to osmosis i.e. movement of substance from region to higher to lower concentration
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While cooking if salt is added to the vegetables the salt concentration outside the membrane of vegetable pieces becomes higher than inside. As a result due to osmosis, water from the vegetables come out and become softer.
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