if you shake the branches of tree,the fruits fall down. why?

because of the fruits' inertia

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because of the fruits inertia

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it is so because when we shake the branches tree, they move but fruits remain in the rest due to inertia and in result of this they get detached away from the tree and falls down

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Bro,its due to the madness of issac newton.

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it is because when we shake the tree the branches of the tree comes in motion state but the fruits still tends to be in the state of rest. due to this the fruits are detached and they fall down.

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It is due to the inertia (inertia of rest) of the fruit
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It due to inertia of the fruit whwn we shake the tree it is not in rest but fruits fall down in rest ppsition
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There is position
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When we shake the tree it is not in rest but when the fruit fall down it remains in rest position due to inertia of fruit
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It is because the branch of tree come in motion but the leaf tend to remain at rest due to their inertia
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