ii)Choose the odd one out giving reason:
 a)electrolytic solution ,cation ,anion ,cathode ,reduction.  b)current ,voltmeter ,electrolytic cell ,ammeter ,battery.
c)plug ,conductor ,Bakelite ,insulator.

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1. Reduction is a process while the rest are the components of a cell. So reduction is odd one.

2. Current flows through the components of a circuit. The components of an electric circuit are voltmeter, ammeter, electrolytic solution and battery,

3. Conductor is odd one out. Covering of plug is made of bakelite which is an insulatror.

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c) Bakelite is odd one because all other conduct electricity where as it is plastic which do not conduct electricity.
a) Reduction is odd one because all other are related to electric current.
                                              i don't know the 2nd one,but i hope this help you.
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