Imagine yourself as farm hand in an English village in the late 18 th century. You have come to know that a group of people from your village has migrated to the city of Liverpool . The closest city to your village . Your best firend and you decide to leave the village and go to Liverpool like the others to work in factories , As you came to know the wages are better . So in search of a better life you embark on a journey to Liverpool along with your best friend. Write a detailed description of your journey and your job hunting. Finally both of you get a job and rent a room in a house. Now describe the difference in your lifestyle. with a comparison between your village life and city life ( 200-250 Words)

Dear Student,
In search of better opportunities of earning and employment,i and my friend left our ancestral occupation of farming. We have much heard about the city life of Liverpool, hence we have decided to move the.We packed our essential commodities and utensils and rushed for the train.We have seen many people in the train like us to have the same dreams.After exhaustive journey we reached our destination.It was an amazing experience to see the city for the first time, many people of high gentries was unbelievable because we could not think about these lifestyles.After many days we fiund a job inthe factory and took a room on rent.We felt many differences there from our village.The society was totally changed in city.School,colleges ,ofiices, motorcars, and advanced market with the availabilities of everything made us astonished. The life was changed.In village, we were engaged in agriculture activites,and then limited to our houses and village but here you can keep yourself busy in many activities. We enjoyed different types of breakfast from bakery shop and the different food cultures over there.we find that there is competition for the employment.

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