imagine yourself with vertebral column with a long single bone or with fixed will such a change affect your life?

Dear student,
A long single vertebral column without any joint will affect our life badly because day to day activities will be affected and we can not perform a single task without a flexible vertebral column. 
Following problems will arise in life:-
1) We can not walk or run properly.
2) Joints in vertebral column can withstand jerks. If it is a single bone our body can not tolerate jerks.
3) Our vertebral column is curved to withstand heavy weight but if it will be single straight bone we can not carry heavy weight.
4) It also help us balance our body in upright position which will not be maintained.


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it will affect your daily life as there are much chances of bones getting broken every time you try to bend. for example if you accidently drop your book or mobile on the floor it would be very hard and risky too.Is this ok?
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