important questions of science class 9 chapter 1 of chemistry matter in our surroundings

Dear student,

There are some important questions in which you must focus but after completing the chapter and exercises of it. 

1) What is distillation and fractional distillation? 
2) Give an experiment that shows ammonium chloride undergoes sublimation.
3) What makes the substance like a wooden chair solid not liquid? 
4) Why it is that to smell cold food, we have to go close but the smell of hot food reaches us several meters away?
5) A solution of H2SO4 labeled 40%. The density of the solution is 1.3 g/L. What is the concentration of the solution in (% m/v)?
6) Differentiate between physical and chemical change.
7) How does evaporation cause cooling?
8) State the characteristics of particles of matter.
9) We can easily move our hand in the air but to do the same through a solid block of wood we need a karate expert. Give reason. 
10) How the three states of matter are interconnected with each other? 


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