improved variety can be produced in both animals and

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Two fundamental approaches are adopted to improve the plant and animal varieties. These are:

  • Hybridization
  • Genetic engineering


Hybridization is the process in which two genetically dissimilar individuals (varieties) are purposely crossed to get a hybrid variety. In this way, characteristics from both the parent varieties can be obtained in the hybrid variety. Hybridization can be: 

  • Inter-specific, i.e., between two different species
  • Inter-generic, i.e., between two genera
  • Inter-varietal, i.e., between different varieties

Genetic engineering

Genetic engineering is the process in which the gene for a particular character is introduced inside the plant or animal. The introduction of this gene in the individual leads to the production of a transgenic plant or animal. Such a transgenic plant or animal exhibits the character of the newly introduced gene.

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