in a tobacco plant the male gamete has 24 chromosomes. State the number of chromosomes in 1)egg nucleus 2)zygote 3)endosperm 4)leaf cell. PLEASE GIVE ME EXPLAINATION ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!

In tobacco plant if the male gamete has 24 chromosomes, then-

(i) Number of chromosomes in egg nucleus will be same i.e 24 chromosomes.

(ii)Number of chromosomes in zygote will be 48, as it is formed after fertilization of both male & female gamete.

(iii)Number of chromosomes in Endosperm will be 72 as endosperm is formed after fusion of  one sperm nucleus with  two egg nucleus.

(iv) Number of chromosomes in leaf cell will be 48. Because leaf cells are diploid

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Egg Nucleus ---- 14

Zygote ---- 23 pairs

Endosperm ------ 30 to 46

Leaf Cell ---------- Depends on the type of plant


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24 pairs n 48 chromosomesbecause in sexual reproduction at formation of gametes sperm cell n egg cell divides to form zygote

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 @nivetha boobalan my teacher also gave this in revision questions!!!!!!

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