In an oscillating pendulum, at what positions the potential and kinetic energy are maximum?

The potential energy of an oscillating pendulum is maximum at its extreme positions. In this position the pendulum bob has zero velocity. Hence, all its total energy at this position is the potential energy.

The kinetic position of the pendulum is maximum at the mean position. Since, it is the lowest point of the pendulum bob, its relative height from the mean position is zero. And the total energy is the kinetic energy here.

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at the mean position the KINETIC ENERGY IS MAXIMUM BUT potential energy is minimum.At the extreme position the P.E is maximum but the K.E is minimum.

but total energy remains the same...

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@Ayesha has given the correct ans. Just proving the two following diagrams to make it more clear for you...


simple_pendulum.jpg (332×211)

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