In FRACTIONS puzzle1 the answer is wrong. they told us to add 14.30 + 9.200 and they wrote the answer as 23.23 this answer is wrong isn't it the answer should be 23.500. am i correct?

Dear, meritnation experts please check fractions puzzle 1. and if i am wrong please correct me.

Dear user!

In the said puzzle, there is a typing mistake (the page of answer).

It would be as,

Distance travelled by metro = 14 km 30 m = 14.030 km

Thanks for pointing out the typing errors! The said puzzle will be corrected and updated very soon. Till then, do bear with us!

We regret the inconvenience caused by this lapse on our part. Your feedback and suggestions are extremely valuable to us.


All the best!

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the busiest ocean in the world?

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it is a typing error nice observation.

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Atlantic ocean is the busiest ocean.

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This is off the subject

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