In intercropping crops are selected such that their nutrient requirement are different

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Intercropping is a cropping pattern in which farmers grow two or more crops simultaneously in same field in a definite pattern. For example : soyabean and maize. Their nutrient requirement are different and they are grown in alternate rows. Soyabean  brings nitrogen from air to soil, thus improves fertility of soil.  Growing soyabean before maize reduces  infestation​ of weed like  striga  in the maize field.

Advantages of Intercropping pattern: 
Allows maximum utilization of nutrients supplied.
Prevents pests and diseases from spreading to all plants and instead they remain confined to one row of crop in a field.
Maintains soil fertility  
Growing the crops of different root depths avoids continuos depletion of nutrients from the soil.
Gives high income per unit area of crop field.
Different variety of crops can be grown in same field , thus preventing the risk of market fluctuations. Thus, helps in getting better returns.   

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