In laburnum top , the arrival of the goldfinch on the laburnum tree brings about the change in the poem? how do you interpret this change ? Is this change good or bad?
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The laburnum tree is silent and still. It is autumn and leaves of the tree are falling off. The tree appears dead. However, with the arrival of the goldfinch, the tree is surrounded by the sweet chirping noise of the bird and her offsprings. The tree comes to life with the arrival of the goldfinch. So the overall mood in the poem changes with the arrival of the goldfinch. The dull sombre mood described initially gives way to thrill and excitement.


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when the goldfinch arrive on the tree has suddenly transformed it into a noisy place.after having feed her young ones and having made the tree active and full of life, the goldfinch flies away towards the sky and the tree become silent
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Do you think the Goldfinch brings the life to the bird
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The arrival of the Goldfinch
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