In prokaryotes well defined nucleus is absent and DNA is scattered bt in our ncert text book it is given that DNA is not scattered throughout the cell,...its tooo confusing...what to refer plzz help me out..!!!

It is rightly written in the NCERT Book.. I would like to explain it more for you

The DNA is scattered in the cytoplasm means that it is naked and is not covered by any membrane. The prokaryotes use an arrangement that helps to pack genetic material tightly into a specific region known as nucleoid because prokaryote does not have a well defined nucleus.  So DNA is not scattered but present in the form of membrane less structure called nucleoid. This nucleoid floats in the cytoplasm and can be found any where in the cytoplasm.


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u may refer to dinesh publication or pradeep publication ok 

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in the ncert it is given right that dna is not scattered. but collected at the particular place in the cytoplasm of the prokaryotic cells in the form of chromatin fibres...   and in prokaryotic cell  well defined nucleus is absent means the   mchromosomes are not lined by the nuclear membrane but they are not scattered but colllected at the same place...        

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abe pooja pure din kya bio hi padhti rahegi ....kuch aur bhi padh liya kar beh......

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