In recent years the multipurpose projects and dams have come under great scrutiny." analyse the statement citing appropriate examples.

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Many multi-purpose projects and dams have come under scrutiny and opposition due to various reasons. Some of the important reasons are:

  1. Projects like Sardar Sarovar Project and the Tehri Dam Project have faced opposition from the locals because of the displacement of local communities. Movements like 'Narmada Bachao Andolan' and 'Tehri Dam Andolan' have resisted the projects because the locals have lost their land holdings and thus their livelihoods.
  2. Forests and wild-life gets submerged and this damage is irreversible or measurable.
  3. Dams and reservoirs alter the sedimentation of the rivers. There is excessive sediment deposit at the reservoir and the lower reaches have a rockier river bed. This is because dams and reservoirs to a large extent sieve the river off its sediment transport. The rockier beds in turn hamper the aquatic life in the rivers.
  4. The migration of aquatic fauna is hindered due to dams.
  5. In floodplains, large areas are submerged due to reservoirs and this leads to soil decomposition and fertility is washed away over a period of time.

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Multipurpose projects are facing great scrutiny because:?
1) Lots of hectares of land have to be sacrificed.?
2) It disturbs the ecological balance and ecosystem of the area as flora and fauna get submerged.?
3) There is no proper rehabilitation of people which causes widespread reluctance towards construction of dams.?
4) The livelihoods of people living there are disturbed as most of their activities are erupted. Eg- water for agriculture?
5) Dams do not produce proportionate benefits or outcomes with respect to all resources sacrificed for it.?

This has led a number of movements such as the protest against Sardaar sarovar dam on the Narmada is caused due to scarce water available to farmers in Gujarat for irrigation.
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