In summers,if milk is not refrigerated,it becomes sour.Which of the following is added by milkmen to fresh milk to prevent the milk from spoiling?

A.Caustic soda  B.Potash alum C.Baking soda  D.Lime water

Dear Student!

The answer is baking soda.

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option c baking soda

i am not sure

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Can you please explain the reason in detail?

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Baking soda,

Because when milk becomes sour it is acidic but if you add a base material such as baking soda it will nutrilise and the milk will not spoil.

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good reasoning.

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the correct answer is C,Baking soda because when milk becomes acidic the milkmen have to add some base and Baking soda is a base so they add it to the milk.


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please  confirm before posting if u are not sure.

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