in the centre of a square garden is a square lawn. outside this is a gavel walk 4dm wide and hen a flower border 6dm wide. If the flower border and lawn together contains 721 Sq. dm, find th side of the lawn

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Consider a square lawn ABCD with side 'x dm' outside this is a gavel walk 4 dm wide and then a flower border 6 dm wide.The figure is shown below:

To differentiate the three, the lawn is red colored, the gavel walk is in blue colorand the flower border is green in color.The area of the lawn is    x×x= x2 The area of the flower border is,    area of square IJKL-Area of square EFGH   =x+2×4+2×62-x+2×42   =x+8+122-x+82   =x+202-x+82   =x2+40x+400-x2+16x+64   =x2+40x+400-x2-16x-64   =24x+336Accoding to given condition, we get             x2 +24x+336=721   x2 +24x+336-721=0             x2 +24x-385=0 Factorize the LHS to get,      x2 +35x-11x-385=0      xx+35-11x-35=0                x-11x-35=0                                      x=11, -35Neglect the -ve value to get  x=11 dmThus the side of the lawn is 11 dm

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