In the game of hide and seek how the blind folded person guess ho is the nearest person to him

itz just a guess....der is no such trick...!

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he said who is the person nearest to him and the boy with the name ho was nearest to him!

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sum sound  might be cumin.....

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i think by sound

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by hearing the sound and guessing his location.

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With the help of sound. that they are making because each and every person's lemgth of vocal cord differs.

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bcoz of some sound produced by person as the air columns hit each other and a person might at a distance can hear nthe sound.

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by listening the sound and locating the place
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By sound
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either the whispering of the children or the sound of their footsteps the blindfolded person can know
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by hearing the sound
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In the game of 'hide and seek ' how blind - folder player is able to catch the remaining players?
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He can use harmonica of sound that differ one sound from another.
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