In the school garden Ajay(A), Brijesh(B), Chinki(C) and Deepak(D) planted their flower plants
of Rose, Sunflower, Champa and Jasmine respectively as shown in the following figure. A fifth
student Eshan wanted to plant her flower in this area. The teacher instructed Eshan to plant
his flower plant at a point E such that CE: EB = 3 : 2.
Answer the following questions:
i. Find the coordinates of point E where Eshan has to plant his flower plant.

ii. Find the area of ECD.

iii. Find the distance between the plants of Ajay and Deepak.

iv. The distance between A and B is:

v. The distance between C and D is:

Dear student,(i) Given, CE:EB=3:2It means E divides CB line in 3:2 ratioLet co-ordinate of E(x,y)Using section formula: mx1+nx2m+n,my1+ny2m+nm=3;n=2x=3×8+2×33+2; y=3×7+2×23+2   =305=6        ; y=255=5Coordinates of E(6,5)For remaining queries we request you to post them in separate threads to have rapid assistance from our experts.Regards

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