In this i am getting opposite values of tan and cot. I am getting 4cotx & 9 tanx and also how are both of them equal to 36 ? -
19:23 Let AB be the tower. C and D be the two points with distance 4 m and 9 m from the base respectively. A/q, In right
AABC, tan x = AB/BC tan x = AB/4 AB = 4 tan x
(i) also, In right AABD, tan (900-x) = AB/BD cot x = AB/9 AB = 9 cot x
(ii) Multiplying eqn (i) and (ii) AB2 = 9 cot xx 4 tan x AB2 = 36
Height cannot be negative. Therefore, the height of the tower is 6 m. Hen Proved.

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