In what forms plants absorb nitrogen Phosphorus and Boron list any two roles of potassium in plants?

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Nitrogen is absorbed in the form of 
ammonia (NH3​) and nitrate (NO3- ).
Phosphorous- phosphate ions (H2PO4-) or HPO​42-)
​Boron: Boric acid (H3BO3) and borate ion (H2BO3-)

Functions of potassium in plants:
* Maintenance of cell turgidity.
* opening and closing of stomata.
* essential for photosynthesis, respiration, protein synthesis.

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Nitrogen in the form of nitrates nitrites and ammonium ion. Phosphorus in the form of phosphates Boron in the form of borate ion Potassium helps in anion cation balance and opening and closing of the stomata
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