Indian Railways is an example of public sector as:
(i)     It is controlled and managed by the government.
(ii)    It is a medium of public transport.

(a)     Both (i) and (ii)     (b) Only (i)

(c)     Only (ii)                  (d) Neither (i) nor (ii)

Please give the CORRECT option .
Is the answer Option A ? 

Dear Student,

Correct answer is (c) Only (ii)  It is a medium of public transport.
After year 2020, July because at present the situation is quite different as follows:

The public area incorporates public organisations, elements and public endeavors and administrations. An astounding illustration of the public area is the Indian Railways. The Indian rail line framework is 100% claimed and overseen by the state. 

The most recent 'masterstroke' of the present government is the privatization of the Indian Railways. On July 1, 2020, the Railway Ministry reported that 151 trains in 109 sets of courses will be worked by private areas. The privately owned businesses are allowed to acquire train and trains from any wellspring of its decision.


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