Intercellular spaces are absent in sclerenchymatous tissues. Give reason

 intercellular spaces are absent in schlerenchymatous tissue because it containd dead cells and it's main function is to provide strength to the plant if there would have been spaces it could provide only flexibility not strength

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it contains dead cell and  its main function is to provide strength to tthe plants

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it contains dead cells.

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it contains dead cells. [yes its me evergreen vasiyo]

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Intercellular spaces are absent in the scalernchymatous tissue because the dead cells present in it have main function that is provide mechanical strength to plant but if they have spaces then they will weaken and only will be able to give flexibility like collenchyma
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epiderms in desert plant have a thick layer of cutm.why?
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This is because of deposition of lignen which is a chemical substance which acts as cement and hardens the cells. If the spaces would be there then the tissue won't be able to give rigidity and strength to the plant.
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Its main function is to provide strength to the plant
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Desert plants have a layer of cutin above the epidermis to prevent excess loss of water during transpiration.
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bcoz if there would be space then they would have provided flexiblity not strenght 
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Cell walls are thickened due to heavy deposition of lignin. Often these walls are so thick that there is no internal space inside the cell.
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aditya sharma is great.
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itcontains dead cells
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