is air a mixture or compound? give 3 reasons.

Air is a mixture and not a compound because of following reasons:

  1. Air can be separated into its constituents such as oxygen, nitrogen etc. by fractional distillation of liquid air.
  2. Air shows the properties of all the gases present in it. For example: Air supports combustion because of oxygen present in air.
  3. Air has a variable composition because at different places different amount of gases are present in air.

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Air is a mixture because in air there are many gases like nitrogen ,oxygen etc .They are not chemicaly mixed.They show all properties of substance that were in air.

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air is a mixture of gases like carbon dioxide , oxygen , nitrogen and other gases.

a mixture is that which does not have a definite composition of its constituents.similarly air does not have a fixed composition of its constituent gases i.e their composition can vary from place to place

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