is Internet use harmful for students in speech of 200 words

Dear student,

Such questions need to be attempted on your own to test your creative writing skills. However, these points might help you elaborate:

- Internet is a very important part of our lives today.
- Be it reading or listening to news, gathering information or entertaining, internet is a fast and easy medium available to us.
- Any news on internet reaches millions of people around the globe within a few minutes.
- With this fast technology, many day-to-day tasks have become simpler. 
-However, it has another aspect as well.
- Sometimes, internet is responsible for spreading news which are not in favour of many people.


1. Source of information: Any kind of information we need is available on the net.

2. Faster communication:Now we can communicate in seconds with a person sitting on the other side of the globe. We can send and receive emails and chat online and talk face to face through video conferencing.

3.Entertainment: Surfing the net , reading books online, watching movies online and playing games on the net is a big source of entertainment.


1.Social connection is becoming loose: Because people now only meet on social networks . More and more people are getting are drifting apart from their friends and family.Children prefer to play online games rather than going out and mingling with other kids.

2.Virus Threat

3.There is a theft of personal on social networking sites like face book all our personal information may be used by anyone for their personal benefits.


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Some people believe that the Internet has a positive impact on students by providing a variety of resources for their studies. However, I strongly disagree with that claim since internet brings some negative effects on students such as internet addicts and the reliance too much on internet with homework.

First, many students are becoming addicted to the Internet. They spend more and more time on playing computer games or just surfing the net without any particular reasons. Accordingly, the time they spend on studying is automatically reduce, which in turns causes the lower academic achievement. Moreover, some of them go to the extreme, becoming serious internet addicts, and they even refuse to go to school as they cannot escape from the trap of internet.

Second, internet hinders students from doing their homework or assigned task by their own. Thanks to internet, students can obtain the information they need with a great ease by simply clicking the button. However, this great accessibility to any kind of information can be abused. For instance, when students are given an assignment, what many of them do is just go on the websites or the blogs where the seemingly needed information is posted, and drag, copy and paste it without looking the material thoroughly later. Some students even just download the material which someone else has already done and submit it as if it were their work.

It is clear that internet has serious detrimental effects on students. For one thing, students are so vulnerable to becoming addicted to internet. Additionally, they do their homework not with their own efforts but with the entire dependence on internet resources. Thus, young students should use internet with great cautions to prevent any harmful effects.
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