it is difficult to make antiviral medicines than making antibiotics.

reason is

Unlike most antibiotics, antiviral drugs do not destroy their target pathogen

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justify this statement

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as viruses have few pathways on their own

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it is difficult to make antiviral medicine as viruses have few biochemical mechanisms of their own.they enter pur cells and use our machinery for their life processes.this means that there are relatively few virus-specific targets to aim at.

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An antibacterial is a compound or substance that kills bacteria or slows their growth. Whereas, antiviral medicine aims at the viral infection. Viruses do not have their own cellular machinery and depends on its host, so there are less virus specific targets to aim at. The viruses have a high rate of mutation. Therefore, developing antiviral medicine is more difficult than developing an anti bacterial medicine.

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what are canal rays ?who discovered them and what is the charge and mass of canal ray?
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It is difficult to make the antiviral drugs because, viruses use the host cell's to replicate. This make it difficult to find targets for the drug that would interfere with the virus without also harming the organism's cells.
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It is difficut to make anti viral medicines because viruses use bio chemical process of host cell . And if we try to stop any of their process it will affect the host cell.

All viruses donot have common biochemical proceess

Thus it is difficult for making anti viral medicines
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Positively charged rays are called canal rays.mass of canal rays is +1 unit.
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viruses do not have their own cellular machinery and depends on its host
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