It was discovered thatin arriving at the profit for 2006 , the following two items have been ignored.

i) outstanding expenses of Rs.3500

ii) accrued interest on investment of Rs.2,000

make journal entries relevant to adjustments.

Dear Student, your query seems to be incomplete. As you have not provided the number of partners as well as their profit sharing ratio. 
However, the treatment of above transactions is as follows. 
  Journal Entry
Date Particulars L.F. Debit Amount
Credit Amount
  All Partners’ Capital A/c Dr.   [In Old Ratio]
    To Outstanding Expenses A/c        
  (Outstanding expenses recorded)        
  Accrued Interest A/c Dr.      
    To All Partners’ Capital A/c     [In Old Ratio]
  (Accrued Interest  recorded)        

We advice you provide us with relevant details related to your query, so that we can help you better. 

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