Jaya had 54 toffees and Anita had 48 toffees. Jaya used 36 toffees on her birthday and Anita used 32 toffees on her birthday. What is the fraction of toffees did each of them use ? Did they use equal fraction of their toffees?

Number of toffees with Jaya = 54Number of toffees used by Jaya = 36Fraction of toffees used by Jaya = 3654 = 23Number of toffees with Anita=48Number of toffees used by Anita = 32Fraction of toffees used by Anita = 3248 = 23.Yes, both of them used equal fraction of their toffees with them.So, both of them used 23 of their total toffees.

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number of toffees Jaya had =54 toffees
number of toffees Jayadistributed=36
fraction oftoffees Jaya used =36/54
number of toffees Anita had =48 toffees
number of toffees Anita distributed=32 toffees
fraction oftoffees Aitaused=32/48
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