justify the title of the poem "the voice of the rain."

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The poem written by Walt Whitman, 'The Voice of the Rain' is about an imaginative conversation which the poet once had with the rain. It appears that the poet had asked the soft falling shower as to who it was and strangely the shower seemed to have answered the question which the poet translates. According to the translation, the rain is explaining that it is the poem of earth. It originates from the impalpable land and the bottomless sea. From here it goes on to heaven where it changes its form but retains its characteristics. It then descends from the sky in the form of rain to save earth from drought, washing away the dust on earth. All those living beings on earth which were not able to grow without the rain are brought to life by it. Thus, in this way the rain purifies and beautifies its origin like a song which originates from the heart. Like the song it wanders and entertains others, whether being liked or not by people. It travels back to where it originated with love and care. The poet in this poem is trying to illustrate the significance of rain in our lives.  Using the imaginative conversation between him and rain, he is trying to point out that the rain does have a voice and even compares it with a song. The poet sees the rain as an entity with a voice which is indispensable for the survival of the earth. Therefore, the title of the poem is justly chosen by the poet.  


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The Voice of the Rainis a poem that celebrates rain and its natural-cycle for the benefit of earth and the life it supports.The rain identifies itself as the Poem of Earth. The rain drops rise in the form of vapours only to come back to its origin in the form of rain. During this cycle, it purifies and beautifies (by nourishing the unborn seeds) the planet.

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In this poem "The voice of the rain",the rain is being personified.The rain and the speaker has a talk about who rain comes. the poet is also showing that how the rain is answering to all of his questions and is communicating with the poet. hence the title is appropriately given as "the voice of the rain".
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The title 'VOICE OF THE RAIN' is appropriate and logical. Actually, the rain rises out of the earth and the bottomless sea in the form of water vapours. In the sky they transform into rain and then showers on the earth. The light and soft music of the falling rain is actually the song of the earth itself. After wandering from earth to the sky, it comes back to the place of its origin, the earth. Thank 🙏u.....
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