Justify the title of the story " The Address" .

War is an occurrence that tests human endurance beyond measure and brings forth unforetold suffering, coupled with deprivation, destitution and insurmountable losses on both sides. Victory is extremely expensive as is loss because both sides end up not only losing millions of lives, both civilian and military but also suffer damages to property. People lose their loved ones, a normal way of life and family and become inured to the large scale violence in such a way that rehabilitation takes years after matters have come to an end. The title of the story, 'The Address' is apt because it deals with the loss of one's address which is not just a geographical location but a repository of memories and everything that one holds dear. The house on Marconi Street used to be the narrator's home but after the war, it becomes just another address for her, one that she would rather forget because it has lost all its associations for her. 

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Hello Preeti,
The title of the story The Address is quite apt as the whole story centres on the address. The narrator focuses the reader's attention on it by her doubt whether she was mistaken and her self-assurance that  she had reached the correct address.
The middle part of the story reveals how she came to know the address. It was her mother who informed her about the place where Mrs. Dorling lived and asked her to remember it.
The story ends dramatically with the narrator's resolve to forget the address. And since the belongings of her mother stored there have lost their usefulness, she finds that forgetting this address would be quite easy.
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