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Write an email to your friend regarding the value of time that you recently learnt.

Dear Student,

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Subject   :                            How I learnt the value of time

Dear Anya,
Thank you for sending me your pictures from New Zealand. The place looks so beautiful!
Papa, Ma, Piyush and I are doing great. We went on a recent trip to Wonderla Amusement Park in Bangalore. It was wonderful! We had such fun! They have a lot of water rides, which made me super happy. You know how much I love water. While we were there, I actually got into a bit of trouble. We were staying at a resort located inside the amusement park. This was our second day there. I was feeling very lazy and didn’t wake up even though I heard Ma calling me several times. You know how they keep saying I don’t have any regard for time and how I am rarely punctual. They just got tired of calling me and went down to the restaurant for breakfast, taking Piyush with them. Piyush is completely unlike me in that way. He wakes up even earlier than my parents.
Anyway, I was lounging on the bed aimlessly. Piyush came up and said that they were going down to the big wave pool and asked me to join them as soon as possible. I wasn’t even listening properly; I just mumbled something and pretended to go back to sleep. After they left, I took my time brushing my teeth and getting ready for the day. Then, I slowly ambled my way into the restaurant. On reaching there, I learnt that the buffet had closed because it was after 10.30 am. I was so hungry! I then decided to find my family and get money so that I could buy food from some restaurant in the park.
I told you that Piyush had asked me to go to the big wave pool right? Well, I hadn’t heard it properly then, and I made my way to the small wave pool, which was on the other side of the park. I couldn’t obviously find them there. Then, I walked up and down searching for them in all the restaurants and the rides. I couldn’t find them anywhere. I started to panic. And Anya! The hunger! It was really bad. I searched for around three hours. I was a total wreck! I made my way to the hotel not knowing what else to do. It was then that I saw my parents frantically asking the reception if they had seen me anywhere. My ma saw me and didn’t even scold me; she just hugged me very tight, which made me feel even worse.
Anyway, long story short, I woke up earlier than all of them for the rest of the three days we were there. Those three days of fun made up for my one day of misery. And, it has also made me a wiser person. I have truly learnt the value of time and have pledged to myself that I’ll never take it lightly. Anya, I hope you never have to go through something like this!

Hope school is going well. Good luck for your exams! Do give my regards to Aunty and Uncle. Keep mailing!
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