Kushal’s family is happy as he has become a proud father of a baby girl .In a routine visit to the hospital, the doctor advised him not to skip the vaccination schedule. While discussing the same at home, one of the family members suggested that vaccination is not necessary for girl child. Kushal opposes this suggestion. ( 3 marks) (i) What is vaccination? (ii)Name any two common vaccines and their associated disease. (iii)Comment upon Kushal’s viewpoint. 

Dear student, 

(i) Vaccination can be define as protection of the body from communicable diseases by the administration of some agents that mimic the microbe. The agent can be the suspension of killed or attenuated microbes, or a substance that mimics the disease causing microbes. 
(ii) Chicken pox vaccine for Chicken pox disease and Flu vaccine for Influenza. 
(iii) This shows the responsible, caring and sensitive nature of Kushal as being a father and his awareness about the importance of vaccination.


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