La(OH)3 is more basic than Lu(OH)3. Give reason...

Its due to lanthanide contraction....
as the size of lanthanide ions decreses frm La3+ to Lu3+ , the covalent character of the hydroxides increases and hence the basic strength decreases...
La(OH)3 is most basic and Lu(OH)3 is least basic.

hope u got it :)

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Bcoz due to lanthanoid contraction , size of La3+ is smaller than Lu3+ as a result Lu-O bond will be stronger thn La-O bond.

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 @Anu what's the connection of increases covalent character with increased basicity..??

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covalent character increase as basic strength decrease
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La(oh)3 is more basic than lu(oh)3

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is this is correct!!!
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@Ranjeeta yadav covalent character belongs to polarity of the bond as polarity goes on decreasing basic character goes on increasing
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