Lencho had faith in God but lacked faith in humanity. Elaborate with
reference to ?A Letter to God?.(100-150 words)

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Lencho's faith in God is reflected through his prayer to God. He requests God to give him hundred pesos. His main problem was the ruining of his crops by hailstorms. However, his faith in humanity was altered when he did not receive the exact amount. When he opened the letter, he found only seventy pesos. His faith in God was such that he wrote a letter again blaming the employees of the post office for robbing the remaining thirty pesos. He did not realise that the money was not sent by God. The employees of the postal department were not crooks but they had in fact collected the money to give Lencho and help him out. 

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It can be said that Lencho had faith in God but lacked faith in humanity because he wrote a letter to god demanding 100 pesos and dropped it in the mailbox and expected to get those required amount.
When the post Master received the letter he didn't wanted Lencho to lost his faith on god so he collected 70 pesos and send it to Lencho in god's name to keep his faith.
When Lencho received the envelope with money he was not a bit surprised to get the money. This shows that Lencho had faith on god but after receiving the envelope he opened it and find 30 pesos to be missing so he wrote another letter to good demanding 30 more pesos and he told good not to give it via post office because the post office employees are a bunch of crooks. Not for a while he thought that the employees could have paid him the money.
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