Lesson 1 tracing changes through a thousand years

Suppose you want to know about your family history. From where and how you would get information?

Imagine you are are a court poet of a ruler in mediaeval period. Praise about any of your favourite king.

Describe the periodisation based on economic and social factors.

Find out how historical process changes over the year.

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Answers to first and second question are provided below
1-The following things might help you in getting information about your family history:- 
Search all of your family storage areas, in and out, from top to bottom of the home. Include the attic, storage closets, basements, garage, trunks, safe, deposit boxes, and so forth. Encourage your relatives to make similar searches in their storage areas.
Your second cousin, great-aunt, or other relative may already have gathered some family information. Most families have at least one relative who keeps track of cousins’ birthdays, anniversaries, or deaths. Learn who that relative is. When information is found, offer to pay for the cost of photocopying and postage.
We can gather the family history information others in our family have already prepared by:
• Asking our family members if they have any written information about the family, including ancestral maps, ancestral books, letters, stories, family group records, pedigree charts, school records, certificates, pictures, and artifacts such as wood carvings, tapa designs, etc.
• Ask if you may have a copy of what they have.
Be sure to ask your parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, other relatives and friends of the family for help in finding. If there have been multiple marriages, be sure to ask members or descendants of those unions. They just might have the very letter, document, book, or story for which you are searching.
Official Documents
1-Certificates of birth, marriage, and death
2-Wills, deeds, and property records
3-Military service and pension documents
5-Naturalization documents
Family Bibles
Scrapbooks and albums
Baby and wedding books
Books of Remembrance
Photograph Albums
Personal Writings
Journals and diaries
Personal histories and biographies
Letters and cards
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