Letter to friend asking him to join you for dinner

Dear student,

The following is a sample to the question asked above.

Plot no.0,
XYZ Street, XXX colony,
City, State.


Dear friend,

How are you? I am at the best of my health here, and hope that this letter finds you in good health. I am happy that the exams are over now and wish to meet up with you and catch up with each other's life.

My mother will be hosting a dinner feast this coming Saturday on the occasion of her promotion at work. I would be pleased if you could make time and join us for dinner. I will ask mom to cook your favourite, Moongdal halwa, as dessert amidst her other delicacies.

I also have bought a new video game which we could play together when you come over. I can't wait to show you all my new stuff and have a good time with you. I hope to see you at dinner this Saturday.



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This is a very easy task.So you can get ideas and try to do on your own.
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Your name
Your addresse

Your friends name
His address

Dear,your friends name
Hi (eg : arun) how are u . I thinks every thing is fine there, how is your family . I am fine there my mother was telling me to call u to home
As todayh is December 19th on December 25th as all of us know we celebrate Christmas day in our home so i request you to come to the celebrations and make this festival even more colour full
I wish that u bring your family to this celebration

Thank you
Your sinsiour
Your name
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