letter to grandparents inviting them to spend summer vacation with you as you miss them very much

Dear Student

This is a creative piece of writing. The following points will help you to develop you letter:-
  • I am fine here and I hope you two are in the best of your health.
  • My summer vacations are about to start and I want you two to be with me this time.
  • I miss you everyday but am not able visit you due to father's work.
  • Kindly come to live with us. I want to spend my time with you both.
  • I love you a lot and missing you both badly.
  • Waiting to see you.


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Dear grand parents,
                            hai.how are you. I and my family is fine. here.you both know that  summer vacation is arriving.All my friends are saying that they are going to listen to their granny tales going walking with their grandpas.They are going to help their grand parents in many ways.ButI dont have my grand parents with me. plz visit us .Last summer vacation I missed both of you.Atleast this summer vacation visit us.THis is my request.Plz...........
Yours   lovingly
your grand son/grand daughter

And from next time try to write  it in own
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