Life in the mountainous regions is difficult explain

Life in mountainous regions is difficult due to many reasons. 

  1. Generally, it is very cold during the winters with most places receiving heavy snowfall.
  2. This heavy snowfall cuts off these regions from the rest of the country and the supplies of essentials become less and difficult to procure.
  3. Access to these regions is difficult and the ride is long and risky.
  4. Since they are far-flung and sparsely populated, development takes awhile to reach such places.
  5. There are few schools and hospitals and fewer employment opportunities. Hence, development is slow in these places.
  6. Infrastructure like roads, electricity and water have not been developed and so it gets more difficult to cope up with the extreme weather conditions.
  7. Very small area is available for cultivation and so most of the food has to be transported from far-off places.
  8. Communication also gets largely affected due to natural reasons like weather, rainfall and snowfall.

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Life in the mountainous regions is difficult explain

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It is not an easy place to live — as NATUREsSilent Roarvividly illustrates. At higher elevations, thick snow pack can remain on the ground year-round and temperatures may never rise above freezing. At lower levels, even summers can be cold and harsh. Soils are thin and rocky. In many places, the mountains form rain shadows — areas where the peaks block rain clouds, creating a kind of high-altitude desert.

Still, people have found a way to live in these harsh surroundings. Indeed, the region is home to many peoples — from the Sherpas in Nepal to the Kashmirs in India. The snow leopards realm is also a crossroads for the regions three major cultures, centered on Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism.

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most probably life in mountainous region is difficult as the oxygen level differs in altitude

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