List all the deficieny diseases with their symptoms?

Deficiency Diseases
  • Marasmus - is a disease in children caused by the deficiency of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.
Symptoms: Stunted growth, wrinkled skin and suffers from diarrhoea frequently.
Treatment: This disease can be cured by giving a diet rich in carbohydrates and proteins (egg, fish, sugar, potato, etc.)
  • Kwashiorkor - is a disease caused by protein deficiency in children. It is common in children who have not been breast-fed properly.
Symptoms: The stomach becomes swollen, the legs become thin and the skin shows ugly patches.
Treatment: Such a child should be fed pulses, eggs, skimmed milk, porridge, etc.
  • Vitamin Deficiency Diseases
  1. Vitamin A - Night blindness (poor night vision)
  2. Vitamin B1 - Beri - beri
  3. Vitamin B2 - Skin diseases
  4. Vitamin B- Pellagra (affects the skin, digestive and nervous system)
  5. Vitamin12 - Anaemia ( deficiency of RBC's ( Red Blood Cells))
  6. Vitamin C - Scurvy ( bleeding of gums, swelling of joints)
  7. Vitamin D - Rickets (weak bones)
  8. Vitamin K - Haemorrhage (clotting of blood process is affected)
  • Mineral Deficiency Diseases
  1. Calcium - Brittle bones and stunted growth
  2. Phosphorus - Weak or fragile bones and teeth, body weakness
  3. Sodium - Dehydration, extreme body weakness
  4. Potassium - Muscle weakness, paralysis
  5. Iron - Anaemia ( weakness)
  6. Iodine - Goitre ( glands in the neck appear swollen) abnormal metabolism
  7. Fluorine - Dental decay

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