List any 6 synthetic fibres and write their advantages and disadvantages each 3? Pleaseee fast

Following are a few examples of synthetic fibres :

1) Nylon

2) Polyester

3) Acrylic

4) Modacrylic

5) Spandex 

6) Rayon

Instead of giving the individual advantages and disadvantages of synthetic fibres, we have listed few advantages and disadvantages of synthetic fibres in general. They are as follows


(a) Synthetic fibres are more durable and cheaper as compared to natural fibres.

(b) They are readily available

(c) They have properties such as high strength, elasticity and light weight, which make them more popular than natural fibres.


(a) A major disadvantage associated with synthetic fibres is that they melt on heating, and so can catch fire easily. 

(b) They are not very comfortable and trap heat. 

(c) Since synthetic fibres are prepared from chemicals, they are harmful to the human skin. Also, they are not eco-friendly. 

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