List four advantages of water stored in ground .

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The water below the surface of earth is termed as ground water. It has many advantages.

  • It is one of the source of fresh water.  It can be used for drinking and irrigation. 
  • As it is present below the ground, it is subjected to less contamination as compare to surface water by human and animal intervention.
  • It get recharged during rainy season and is available  even in dry seasons where as most of the surface water evaporates. It helps in growth of vegetation by providing moisture to the soil. 
  • It requires no or less treatment before use. It is likely to be devoid of any disease causing pathogens. Also, mosquitoes can not breed there. 

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The advantages are as follows:

1)Water stored as groundwater does not evaporate,but spreads out to recharge wells 2)It provide moisture for vegetation over a wide area. 3)It does not provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes like stagnant water in ponds or artificial lakes. 4)The ground water is also protected from contamination by human and animal waste.

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