list three characteristics of sound waves. state the factors on which each of these characteristics depend...

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Characteristics of sound:
Frequency can be defined as number of cycles per unit time. The unit of frequency is Hertz (Hz). 1Hz means that an event repeats once per second.
Time period of an event is the duration of time it takes to complete the event. For example, the time period of a pendulum is the time taken by the pendulum to complete one oscillation. Time period is the reciprocal of frequency.
Amplitude of sound: Amplitude of sound is the maximum displacement of sound wave from its mean position.
Loudness is a measure of response of our ear to sound. The unit of loudness is decibel. It depends on amplitude. If the amplitude is high, the loudness also will be high.
Pitch is the characteristic of sound which help us to distinguish sounds ofsame loudness but of different frequency . It depends on frequency. Greater the frequency, the greater will be the pitch. Pitch helps us to distinguish between voice of woman and man

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